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  1. What is dependant benefit?

Dependant benefit consists of periodical payments to such dependants of an insured person who dies as a result of an employment injury.

  1. Who are eligible for dependant benefit?
  • A widow, a Minor legitimate or adopted son, an unmarried daughter.
  • A widowed Mother.
  • If wholly dependant on the earnings of the insured person at the time of his death, a legitimate or adopted son or daughter who has attained the age of eighteen years and is infirm.
  • If wholly or in part dependant on the earnings of the insured person at the time of his death.
  • A parent other than a widowed mother.
  • A minor illegitimate son, a unmarried illegitimate daughter (or) a daughter legitimate or adopted or illegitimate, if unmarried and a minor or if widowed and a minor.
  • A minor brother or unmarried sister or a widowed sister if minor.
  • A widowed daughter-in-law.
  • A minor child of a predeceased son.
  • A minor child of predeceased daughter where no parent of the child is alive.
  • A paternal grand parent if no parent of the insured person is alive.
  1. What are the documents to be submitted for Dependent benefit?
  • Dependant benefits claim form (Form-18)
  • Death Certificate.
  • Evidence that the claimant/s is/are dependent.
  • Evidence of the age of the claimant.
  • Evidence that the female dependent/s (Widow/s or daughters) has /have not married or remarried after the death of the insured person.
  • Evidence regarding infirmity of the dependent it applicable.
  1. Whether dependent benefit is reviewable?

                    Yes (i) Any decision awarding dependants benefit under this act may be reviewed at any time by the corporation if it is satisfied by fresh evidence that the decision was given in consequence of non-discloser or misrepresentation by the claim at or any other person of a material part or that the decision is no longer in accordance with this Act due to any birth or death or due to the marriage, remarriage or cessation of infirmity of, or attainment of the age of eighteen years by a claimant.

                            (ii)  Subject to the provisions of the Act the corporation may on such review as aforesaid direct that the dependants benefit be continued, increased, reduced or discontinued.

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