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 Factory Registration

 Rights and Duties


 Legal Provisions

 Revenue Recovery



 ESI Act



 Claim Forms

 Do's and Dont's


 Citizen Chart

Forms for Employees'

Form 1

Declaration Form

Form 2

Addition / Deletion in Family declaration form

Form 9

Claim form for sickness /TDB/ Maternity

Form 14

Claim form for Permanent disablement benefit (PDB)

Form 15

Claim form for Dependant Benefit (DB)

Form 16

Claim form for periodical payments of DB

Form 19

Claim for Maternity benefit

Form 20

Claim form for Maternity benefit after death of child

Form 22

Claim form for Funeral Expenses

Form 23

Life certificate

Form 24

Dependant benefits declaration

Forms for employer

Form 01

Employers'' Registration Form

Form - 01A

Annual information of factory/estt submission form

Form 3

Return of Declaration forms

Form 5

Return of Contributions

Form 5a

Statement of advance payment of contributions

Form 6

Register of Employees'

Form 10

Abstention verification

Form 11

Accident Register

challan form

Challan Form


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