Mazagon Dock Non Executive Syllabus 2023 & Exam Pattern PDF Download

Are you ready to take the leap towards success in the MDL Non Executive Examination? Look no further, for this article is your ultimate guide. Empowering you with the complete Mazagon Dock Non Executive Syllabus 2023 and insightful details about the Mazagon Dock Non Executive Exam Pattern 2023, it’s a resource you can’t afford to miss. Navigating through your preparation journey becomes a breeze with our comprehensive subject-wise Mazagon Dock Non Executive Exam Syllabus breakdown. Plus, you can instantly access the MDL Non Executive Syllabus 2023 PDF, conveniently placed at the end of this page.

Mazagon Dock Non Executive Syllabus

With the ticking clock leading up to the exam date, embracing the entirety of the MDL Non Executive Syllabus 2023 is your pathway to excellence. Delve deeper for a transformational learning experience.

Mazagon Dock Non Executive Syllabus 2023: Your Beacon of Success

Directly sourced from the authoritative Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited website, the Mazagon Dock Non Executive Syllabus 2023 and the Mazagon Dock Non Executive Exam Pattern 2023 offered here are your strategic allies in conquering the upcoming challenge. With this meticulously curated Mazagon Dock Non Executive 2023 Syllabus at your fingertips, your exam preparation gains a competitive edge.

Mazagon Dock Non Executive Syllabus 2023 – A Wealth of Information

Organization NameMazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited (MDL)
Post NameNon Executive Posts under the trades – Skilled I, Semi-Skilled, Special Grade (ID-VIII), Special Grade (ID-IX)
Selection ProcessWritten Test & Experience Marks, Trade/ Skill Test

Mazagon Dock Non Executive Syllabus 2023

In your pursuit of excellence, Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited (MDL) stands as your guiding light. Chart your course to success through the Non Executive Posts under various trades – Skilled I, Semi-Skilled, Special Grade (ID-VIII), and Special Grade (ID-IX). This syllabus isn’t just a collection of topics; it’s your roadmap to triumph. It’s time to unveil the Syllabus, delve into the Selection Process involving Written Test & Experience Marks, and seize your opportunity on the official website:

MDL Non Executive Selection Process

Selection CriteriaPost for which experience is not requiredPost for which experience is required
If a Written Test is conductedIf a Written Test is not conducted
Written Test100 marks60 marks
Experience in Shipbuilding Industry40 marks40 marks
Trade/ Skill TestQualifying in NatureQualifying in NatureQualifying in Nature
Merit-basedWritten TestWritten Test + ExperienceExperience

Mazagon Dock Non Executive Exam Pattern 2023

Your roadmap to success lies within this table. Immerse yourself in the Mazagon Dock Non Executive Exam Pattern 2023, meticulously crafted to provide you with a comprehensive view. Empower yourself with General Knowledge, Quantitative Aptitude, and Technical Knowledge. Your journey through 120 questions holds the key to unlocking 120 marks – your gateway to excellence.

Name of the SubjectNumber of QuestionsNumber of Marks
General Knowledge2020
Quantitative Aptitude2020
Technical Knowledge8080
Total120 Questions120 Marks

MDL Non Executive Syllabus 2023: Elevate Your Preparation

Elevate Your Preparations

For all the aspirants of the Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited Non-Executive Exam 2023, your journey starts with the Written Test – the initial stage of the selection process. Your success depends on embracing the syllabus in its entirety. Dive into the intricacies of Discipline-related knowledge, Quantitative Aptitude, and General Knowledge. Our comprehensive breakdown guarantees your preparation journey is nothing short of exceptional. Success awaits those who dare to prepare.

General Knowledge

Your mastery over current affairs and MDL’s milestones is your tool for success. From ongoing projects to delivered ships, CSR initiatives to the latest events – own your knowledge. Let your awareness be your guide.

Quantitative Aptitude

Unleash Your Mathematical Prowess

Navigate the realm of percentages, areas, ratios, and more. Your mathematical acumen takes center stage. Traverse through measurements and conversions, and conquer this segment with ease.

Technical Knowledge

Conquer the Realm of Technical Expertise

Your technical prowess sets you apart. From Workshop Calculations to General Science, Mechanics to Marine Engineering – own your technical prowess. Equip yourself for success.

Group Technical Knowledge
AWorkshop Calculations and General Science: Motion, Work & Energy, Heat, Law of Flotation, Electricity, etc
BMechanics, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics etc
CSeamanship, Marine Engineering & Human Relations
D & D1Types of fire, Fire Fighting Equipment, Extinguisher, Conductor & Insulator, Personal Protective Equipment, Security Precautions & Equipment
FRoad sense, vehicle maintenance, Traffic Rules/ Signals, Vehicle & Environmental pollution i.e. Petrol and Diesel Vehicle, CNG Operated Vehicle, Noise Pollution, etc.
GGrammar, Comprehension, Sentence Completion and Structure, Vocabulary, Articles, Tenses, Spelling Test, Unseen Passages, Antonyms, Phrases/ Muhavare, proverbs, translation from Hindi to English & English to Hindi.
HPharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, Adverse drug reaction, Drug Dispensing, Modes of Administration, Contraindication of Drugs, Hypersensitivity & Drug Dosages.

Success isn’t just a destination; it’s a journey marked by preparation and determination. With the Mazagon Dock Non Executive Syllabus 2023 as your compass, navigate your path to triumph. Your dream role awaits – seize it.

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