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National Digital Health Mission 2023 is a new scheme launched by the Government of India to help people to access their health information easily. Every Indian citizen will get a health identity card which will contain information about their medical history, treatment and diagnosis. The mission has been launched in six Union Territories and will be available across the country. The objective of the mission is to create a digital ecosystem for healthcare services so that people can easily get the medical assistance they need.

Health information will be stored in an app or website and can only be accessed with permission. The mission was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 15 August 2020. In today’s article, you will know all its information, how to get your health card made etc.

National Digital Health Mission 2023

The National Health Policy wants everyone to be healthy and fit. They want to prevent disease and help people stay healthy. Everyone should have access to healthcare. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare J.K. Working with a person named Satyanarayana. The ministry constituted a group under the leadership of Satyanarayana to plan for digital health.

He has come up with a health plan that seeks to create a digital health system for the entire country. They also want to form an organization named National Digital Health Mission to help in this. The National Health Authority will be in charge of both the National Digital Health Mission and Ayushman Bharat.

Digital Health Swasthya Mission Objective

The National Digital Health Mission 2023 aims to make healthcare accessible, efficient and transparent to all citizens of India. It will use digital technology to improve the quality and access of health services, empower patients with greater control over their health information, and reduce the cost of health care.

This mission will also promote transparency and accountability in the healthcare sector. This core will manage digital health data, infrastructure requirements and promote the adoption of open standards. By achieving the health-related Sustainable Development Goals, it aims to make health services nationally portable and promote clinical decision support systems.

Scheme NameNational Digital Health Mission 2023
Start Date15 August, 2020
Budget341.02 Crore Rupees
ObjectiveHealth Benefits to Indian Netizens
BeneficiaryIndia Citizen
Announced ByPradhan Mantri Narendra Modi

It will identify people, doctors and healthcare facilities, provide electronic signatures, ensure non-refundable contracts, paperless payments, securely store digital records and enable easy interaction with people.

National Digital Health Mission: What is NDHM?

NDHM aims to create a place where all health information can be stored digitally. This will make it easier for people in India to access health services and for doctors and hospitals to share information. It’s like a big computer that keeps everyone’s health information so people can keep track of their health and doctor visits.

But it’s private, so only the person using it can see their information. If they want to share it with any other doctor or person, they have to give permission first.

The National Digital Health Mission has four important parts: a unique ID to track your health, a way to talk to doctors online, an easy way to find hospitals and clinics, and a secure way to keep all your health information in one place Location of

1) What is Health ID card or (ABHA : Ayushman Bharat Health Account)

This scheme will give a special ID to people by opening a health account for their health. If they want, they can link it with their Aadhaar card.

With this ID, people can get their health information from hospitals, labs and pharmaceutical companies. The best part is that people can control their own ID and how it is used.

When you get this ID, your information will be kept secure by the government in a special computer space called the Community Cloud. It is like having a digital wallet where all your important papers can be stored online.

You can link your Health ID with your Aadhaar card to get help with your health care. But if you do not want this facility, then you do not need to link your ID with Aadhaar.

2) What is Digi Doctor or (Healthcare Professionals Registry)

There is a special thing called DG Doctor in the National Digital Health Mission. It gives each doctor in the country a special card with a special number on it. This number is different from the number they get when they become doctors.

The card also helps them write prescriptions for patients. Usually, doctors have to pay to get a special digital signature, but with this program, they don’t have to.

The program also seeks to have all doctor information in one place for each state, for which the Healthcare Professionals Registry (HPR) has been created.

3) What is Personal Health Record (Personal Health Record: PHR)

The National Digital Health Mission has a very important thing called Personal Health Record. This is becoming possible with the release of ABHA APP

It’s like a special book that holds all the information about a person’s health, such as when they were born, any surgeries they’ve had, and test results. Each person will have their own health record that they can keep and control.

It will be linked to their health ID card. This means that the individual will have their own health record. This app is really helpful as it keeps your health information private.

Even the government can’t see it without your permission. Your doctor or other people who need to see your information must first ask you and tell you why they need it.

It is called a Personal Health Record (PHR) because it is about your health information and you own it. If a doctor needs to see your information, they will need to ask you first.

4) Health Facility Identifier or (Health Facility Registry)

The scheme gives special electronic cards to places that help people when they get sick. This helps keep track of them and makes it easy for people to check if they are doing a good job.

The doctor and the sick person do not need special cards. Starting a hospital in India is difficult because you have to ask a lot of different people for permission and register in a lot of different places. But National Digital Health Mission wants to make it easy by putting everything in one place for everyone.

National Digital Health ID Card Benefits

NDHM will make healthcare better and faster. It will also make it easier for people to see how healthcare works.

Patients will be able to securely access their medical records such as prescriptions, diagnostic reports, and share with health care providers to make appropriate treatments.

They can talk to a doctor or get medicine without having to go to the doctor’s office.

NDHM will help people to get the right information about their health, so doctors and other health workers will have to do their job better and be more responsible.

National Digital Health Mission (NDHM) is making a special card called Health ID Card which will help in tracking your health information. They will use your AADHAAR CARD and MOBILE NUMBER to generate a unique ID for you and then create your health account with that ID. The National Health Authority started this mission, and they first tested it in some places like Chandigarh and Puducherry.

National Digital Health Mission has 5 Components

ABHA Number (Ayushman Bharat Account)

  • In this mission, the patient’s Ayushman Bharat Health Account or ABHA number is opened and later a health ID card is given to him.
  • This ABHA number enables healthcare providers to communicate with you as well as seamlessly receive your lab reports, prescriptions and diagnoses from healthcare professionals and healthcare providers

Health Facility Registry (HFR)

  • The Health Facility Registry is a comprehensive repository of all the health facilities in the country.
  • This registry will specifically have all the hospitals, clinics, laboratories, imaging centers and pharmacies


  • Aabha App is an app in which every Indian can maintain their health information in a secure and confidential environment, similar to a Personal Health Record or PHR

Healthcare Professionals Registry

  • There is a register of doctors providing health services in both modern and traditional systems in the country, which is called Healthcare Professional Registry, in this registry all the doctors who are assistant pharmacists register in it.

Unified Health Interface

  • UHI is a special way for doctors and patients to talk to each other using a computer or phone.
  • It will help people to book appointments, talk to doctors online and find various health services.
  • It’s like a big network where everyone can join and use it

Eligibility – NDHM Eligibility

This scheme is available to all Indian citizens.

  • Required documents for making Health ID Card (NDHM Health Id Documents)
  • To obtain a Health ID card, some documents are required and some rules have to be fulfilled-

Mobile Number and Email ID.

  • Ration card should be in your name. In the absence of ration card, there should be any other required documents like bank passbook, voter id card etc.
  • Passport size photo.
  • Certificate of Citizenship (Aadhaar Card, Voter ID Card, Passport etc.).

How to make Health ID card?

We will try to provide you information on how to make health ID card in National Digital Health Mission. National Digital Health Mission In order to get a health identity card under the National Digital Health Mission, you have to follow these rules-

  • Visit the official website of NDHM.
  • Click on “Create ID Now”.
  • Click on “Continue” option.
  • Click on “Generate via Aadhaar” and enter your Aadhaar number.
  • Click on “I am agree” then on “I am Not Robot”.
  • Click on “Submit” and Health ID will be generated.
  • If there is no Aadhaar card, then “I don’t want to use my Aadhaar for creating Health ID. Generate via Mobile will create a health ID. After entering the mobile number and clicking on “I agree”, click on the “Submit” button.

Once you have your Health ID card, you can use it for a variety of health services, including booking appointments with doctors, accessing medical records and seeking medical advice.

आधिकारिक जानकारी

Official Website
Open Health ID CardCreate ABHA Number
Health Facility Registry (HFR)Register For HFR
Healthcare professionals RegistryRegister For HPR


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