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PM Jan Dhan Accident Insurance: We inform you that on 28th August 2014 Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi took a revolutionary step in the name of “Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana“. With this, it was possible to connect a large part of the country that was unbanked to the nearest bank. In this Jan Dhan account, government assistance amount was also given from time to time. Everyone knows that at the time of crore Rs. 500 per month to women’s Jan Dhan account for three months from the Central Government. People have benefited fully from Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana, Atal Pension Yojana etc. for the last 6 years from the Jan Dhan account.

PM Jan Dhan Accident Insurance yojana

PM Jan Dhan Accident Insurance

The following facilities or benefits are available immediately as soon as the Jan Dhan account is opened,

  • RuPay Debit Card (Free)
  • Overdraft facility of Rs.10,000
  • Accidental insurance of 2 lakhs (if accounts after 28 Aug 2018)
  • Life Insurance of Rs 30,000 (Account opened between 20 August 2014 to 31 January 2015)

PM Jan Dhan Accident Insurance – Overview

Scheme NamePradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Accident Insurance
Start Date28 August, 2014
Insurance TypeIndividual Accident Insurance
Cover Period1st April to next year 31st March
Cover Amount1 Lakh (If account created before 28.08.2018)
2 Lakh (If account created after 28.08.2018)
Reasons for coverAccidental Death
Accidental Permanent Disability
Renew AmountZero
Cover ExpiryTill 65 years
Customer Care No.1800-11-0001
आधिकारिक वेबसाइट
आधिकारिक सुचनाएस्कीम डिटेल्स एंड अपडेट 2019-20
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How to Apply for Accidental Insurance of 2 Lakhs

This insurance does not need to be done separately, but when opening a Jan Dhan account, information related to this insurance is requested in the PMJDY application form itself. So immediately after the opening of the account (after 28.08.2018) there will be an accident insurance of 2 lakhs in your name ie. name of account holder, for which in case of death of the account holder in 2000.08.2018. accident or total disability. In case of partial disability, support of 1,000 million euros is offered.

Apart from opening a Jan Dhan account, you don’t need to do anything special to apply for this insurance. But after you have filled the PMJDY application form correctly, check the details of the applicant/applicant and enter the correct details.

Jan Dhan Accident Insurance Features

By 28.08.2018, RuPay company will issue non-extra fee ie. Classic Card to the account holder where the account holder will get equity insurance up to 1 lakh.

After 28.08.2018, RuPay Company will issue a Premium or Platinum card to the account holder for which the account holder will get equity insurance up to 2 lakhs.

To file a claim, the Classic cardholder must make a bank transaction within 90 days prior to the accident, while the Platinum cardholder must make a bank transaction within 45 days.

Definition of banking transaction: financial or non-financial transactions between the same bank or between two different banks through an ATM, micro-ATM or teller, which the bank treats as a transaction or transaction.

Your insurance starts on the day this payment card is given to you. The cardholder gets insurance for more than 5 years.

Definition As Per Insurance Company

Accidental Death2 Lakh (100% Claim)
Accidental Permanent total Disability2 Lakh (100% Claim)

Accident: It refers to a sudden, unexpected, unintentional event caused by external, violent, visible factors.

Permanent Total Disability: If the accident results in total or irreversible loss of two eyes or two legs or two arms or one eye of one leg or one eye of one arm.

One ear became non-functional due to an accident, both ears became non-functional or completely unconscious, or dislocated a finger, thumb or knee, etc. The insurance company pays some percentage of the compensation amount, whether it is total or not. In the PDF file below, you can find out,

Claim Process – How To Claim Accidental Insurance

Within 90 days, contact the same bank where you have a Jan Dhan account. If the owner of the account is deceased, this applicant must do so.

Take the Jan Dhan accident insurance application form from the bank and collect the necessary information. After that, send the claim statement (properly completed) with the documents to the bank.,

The bank will forward your application to the insurance company after checking all the documents. After a full investigation by the insurance company, the compensation amount will be credited to the account of the account holder or representative within 10 days.

Important Documents to Claim

Accidental Death

  • FIR copy or Panchnama
  • Death certificate or hospital discharge paper with name, address, cause of death
  • post mortem report
  • Copy of Aadhaar Card or PAN Card (of the account holder)
  • Declaration Form/paper (The bank gives this only if all the documents are correct)

Accidental Permanent total Disability

  • FIR copy or Panchnama
  • Disability Certificate by Civil Surgeon
  • hospital record or discharge paper
  • Declaration Form/paper (The bank gives this only if all the documents are correct)

In addition, the applicant’s bank passbook XEROX (if the account holder is deceased) and Aadhaar card are required.

If the account holder suffers damages due to an accident, the above documents are sufficient and the damage amount will be credited directly to the Jan Dhan account.


Claims will be honored if they are made within 90 days after the accident.

If the cardholder has a serious accident and is hospitalized and as a result fails to make the claim within 90 days, we will consider this an exception and process the claim ourselves.

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