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Register with Sarthi Parivahan Sewa and log in: The Indian government offers online services for drivers’ licenses and cars. You no longer have to visit the RTO frequently to apply for services like obtaining a license, registering a vehicle, and others. The Sarathi Parivahan Sewa portal is a distinct website that offers transportation-related services.

You can apply for your license through this portal and download it right away, along with other crucial driving-related paperwork. Today, we’re going to walk you through the process of using the Sarathi Parivahan seva portal 2023 and downloading a driver’s license from the Parivahan seva portal online.

Sarathi Parivahan Sewa Portal 2023

The Sarathi Parivahan sewa portal 2023 has been established by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways of the national government of India to offer services relating to licenses and driving documents. The Sarthi Parivahan Sewa Registration Portal was created in accordance with the transportation departments of the several States. You can download the learning license and register for a driving license. A driving license test appointment can be made through the Sarthi Parivahan Sewa Registration portal at the nearby RTO. Therefore, this digital endeavor will save you time and deliver services to your mobile device more quickly.

Learner Licence Apply in Sarathi  Parivahan Portal 2023

If you are older than 18 years old, you can apply for a driving license, but you must first apply for a learner’s permit. So, to apply for a learner’s permit using your mobile device, complete these steps:

  • Visit the Sarathi Parivahan portal’s main website. You can also click on this webpage to access the portal directly.
  • You must choose the name of the state where you wish to submit an application for a teaching license. You should keep in mind that you will be appointed in the RTO of the State you have chosen.
  • You’ll arrive at a new page where the first link on the website, “Apply for Learner License,” is located. simply click the link.
  • You should apply using your Aadhar Card if you have one since holders will have an additional option to take the learning license test from their homes. However, in order to take the exam, you must go to your local driving license office if you do not have an Aadhar Card.
  • You must now enter your Aadhar number on the internet before the system sends an OTP message to the registered mobile device for your Aadhar card. input the SMS and Aadhar verification
  • You must now upload all of your paperwork, including your Aadhar Card and a passport-size photo.
  • Afterwards, submit a photo of your signature.
  • pay the application fee for a learning license.

If you enrolled with an Aadhar identification card, you are able to take the learning license test whenever you want, depending on your availability. However, if you haven’t applied using your Aadhar Card, you’ll need to reserve a specific time window in order to be present for your learning license test at the driving license office. You will receive your learning license right away after passing your test.

Apply for driving licence from Sarathi Parivahan portal 2023

You can also apply for a driver’s license from your mobile phone through the Sarathi Parivahan Seva portal. Apply for a learner license and receive a learner license after completing the online test. You can then apply for a driver’s license by following these steps:

  • First, you need to visit the official website and select the state you want to apply for RTO.
  • Then click the link to apply for a driver’s license on the website.
  • Enter your learning license number on my website, select your date of birth and click the “OK” button.
  • A new dashboard will appear and you will need to re-upload your Aadhar card, voter ID and other documents to the site.
  • Now you need to upload your photo and signature again. These will be printed on your driver’s license after you pass the driver’s license test.
  • Next, you need to select the timeslot to appear on his RTO for the driver’s license test.
  • Then, pay the registration fee online and submit your driver’s license application.

Once you have submitted your driver’s license application, you will need to print it and appear at the RTO on the day you select for your driver’s license test. Once you have completed your driver’s license test, you will receive your driver’s license after a few days of verification. Alternatively, you can download your driver’s license at

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