ESIC Card Download PDF | How to Download e-Identity Card Online

ESIC Card download PDF: The other name of ESI card is also identity card. The worker who joins the scheme of ESI, that worker and the family members of that worker get the ESIC card Download PDF and with the help of this card, when they go to the hospital or dispensary, they get the benefit.

The name of the card holder is printed on the top of the ESI card. Apart from this, the name of the card holder’s father, his home address is printed. Along with this, an ESI insurance number is also printed on the ESI card. As well as information about the person’s photo and his dependents on the card. This is a plastic card.

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How to download ESIC card

E-identity card is an insurance card which is given to the employees in the form of ESIC card. This card is also an ESIC card. E-Pehchan Card / E-Pehchan Card or ESI Card / ESI Card is a health card given to the beneficiaries under the Employees’ State Insurance Scheme. Employees’ State Insurance is a self-subsidizing and social security and health insurance scheme for Indian workers. As the workers are more prone to health hazards in the workplace, ESIC Card Download Kaise Kare so this scheme was made available to them.

How to get ESIC e-Pehchan Card?

For e-identity card, you have to fill an application form. You will get this form in any Insurance Corporation branch. Note that you must have your employee number or ESIC Employee Code. Only then your e-identity card will be made.

  • Visit the nearest ESIC Insurance Office.
  • Ask for e-identity card form.
  • Fill in your information in the form and submit it to the office.
  • After this, you will get the ESIC card printed with your employee number and insurance number.

Rules to Download ESIC Card PDF

If you want to download esic admit card, then you have to know some rules. This rule is necessary for card download.

  • Your e-Pehchan card will be downloaded only after the application form is accepted.
  • To download the e-identity card, you have to go to the employer i.e. Appointee.
  • Your employer will assist you in downloading the identity card online.
  • You must have ESIC login ID to download the e-identity card.
  • More information related to download is given below.

What is ESIC?

The acronym ESIC stands for Employees’ State Insurance Corporation, abbreviated as ESI for brevity.

This entity represents a self-sustained bastion of social security and health insurance designed for the welfare of the Indian labor force.

The management of the Employee State Insurance Corporation, or ESIC, is executed with diligence and foresight.

This institution operates in alignment with the regulations stipulated within the venerable ESI Act of 1948.

ESIC, a self-governing entity, functions under the aegis of the Ministry of Labor and Employment, accounting for its hierarchical allegiance.

Access to ESIC’s offerings is conveniently facilitated through the online portal dedicated to its services.

The ubiquitous ESI card, also recognized as the ESIC e-Pehchan card, serves as a familiar symbol.

In yesteryears, it manifested as a PVC magnetic card, issued to every beneficiary under the ESIC act, entitling them to diverse ESIC benefits.

Presently, the mantle is assumed by the E-Pehchan card, an A4-sized sheet (commonly referred to as Xerox Paper), bearing information on both sides.

The epochal Employees’ State Insurance Act of 1948 materialized as a cornerstone, erecting a robust structure to safeguard the interests of the labor populace.

The comprehensive gamut of ESIC’s coverage extends to encompass maladies, maternity leave, parental sabbaticals, temporary or enduring physical incapacities, and demise stemming from occupational injuries leading to wage loss or diminished earning capacity.


The ambit of the ESI Act mandates registration for the following categories of enterprises:

Specific states, such as Maharashtra and Chandigarh, housing a workforce numbering ten or more.

Furthermore, employees with remuneration capped at Rs 15000 per month fall within the purview of this arrangement.

Our expedition through the dimensions of the ESIC card/ESI card/e-pehchan card unfolds within the confines of this discourse.

Nested within the expanse of the ESI card lie varied appellations, alluding to a singular entity.

Establishing an ESI card as an imperative springs forth from the ESIC Act of 1948. An indispensable prerequisite to access medical and affiliated privileges.

Features of ESIC Card

  • Even if the insured person changes employment/job, they can continue to use the same ESI card to avail the facilities under the ESI scheme.
  • In case the insured has changed jobs, they needs to inform the new employer and provide his/her insurance number to them.
  • To change the contribution/benefit, the employee can register in the ESIC portal using his/her insurance number.
  • If any information like mobile number, email, address etc. of the insured needs to be updated, they can inform the employer to update the same.
  • If the insured has enrolled for the ESI card in his previous employment but has not received the card. He can approach the previous employer or obtain the same from the nearest ESIC office.
  • To ensure that medical facilities are easily and quickly availed at ESI network hospitals. It is always advised to carry ESI card or smart card. The card can also be used to track your medical treatment history.

ESI Card or Identity Card is an ideal health insurance companion that will let the insured person enjoy the benefits of the ESI scheme in network hospitals in a quick and easy manner.

ESIC Card Download PDF | How to download ESIC Card?

Below you are being told the step by step process of downloading the ESI card.

  • Below you have been given a link to the official website of ESIC. By clicking on the link given below, you have to go to the official website of ESIC.
  • After reaching the official website of ESIC, you have to press the login button by entering the user name and then the password and then the captcha code in the designated place.
  • After login, a page will appear on your screen, where you will see the important link in ESIC. From that link, you have to click on the option containing the e-identity card link.
  • After clicking on the link, you have to enter the name of the employee whose print you want or the name of that employee.
  • Enter the ESIC number and search.
  • After searching you have to click on VIEW button.
  • Now you have to click on the option with VIEW COUNTER FOIL.
  • Now you will see the name, address of the employee, dispensary, bio-data and e-identity of the nominee on the screen of your device.
  • Now if you want, you can take a print out of the document visible on the screen or save it in PDF format. In this way, the file which will be extracted or the file which will be saved in PDF format, will be called e-identity card.

Process After Getting ESIC e-Pehchan Card

  • After getting the e-identity card, you have to go to the nearby dispensary and show it.
  • There, if you have any minor illness or need medicine, you will get it at the dispensary itself.
  • For other diseases, you will be referred to the nearest ESIC hospital.
  • After reaching there, first of all you have to dial the number and take the token.
  • After that, when you get your number on the counter, you will be given a receipt to the doctor according to your illness.
  • After that you have to go to the mentioned word or room number and see the doctor.
  • Whatever medicine the doctor gives you, you can go to the dispensary and take it for free.

e-Pehchan Card Login ESIC Employee Login

  • To login, you must first go to the official website.
  • On the home page, you have to click on Employee Login.
  • There you have to enter User Name and Password.
  • And click on the login button.
  • All you have to do is login to the ESIC portal.

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