ESIC Gateway Login Portal 2023, Registration Process, Pay e-Challan

The Employees National Insurance Corporation (ESIC) is a government agency that provides social security and health insurance to Indian employees. We have set up an online portal called  ESIC Gateway Login to provide various services to our members. This article explains what  ESIC Gateway Login is and how to log into it.  

The Employees’ State Insurance Act, 1948 (ESI Act) was the first major  social security law for Employees after India’s independence. The ESI scheme is administered by a statutory commercial body called the Employees’ States Insurance Corporation (ESIC), with members representing Employees, central and state governments, medical professionals and honored members of parliament.

ESIC Gateway Login

Government’s ESIC Act of 1948 covered a wide range of health-related events to which ordinary Employees are exposed under Eway, such as death from illness, childbirth, temporary or permanent disability and accidents at work, and loss of wage or earning capacity. It is intended for activity. We all know how to check ESIC balance, ESIC card download process, ESIC connection, etc. This roundup will help you  understand the generality of all of this.

What is ESIC Gateway Login? 

ESIC Gateway Login is an online platform that offers a variety of services to ESIC members. These services include online payment for ESIC members, onboarding of new employees, submission of monthly dues, and access to member information. With ESIC Gateway Login, members can easily access these services anytime, anywhere. 

ESIC Gateway Portal: The ESIC Gateway Portal gives you the option to download Challan and pay online. If you have already registered on the esic portal 

ESIC Gateway Login: Dear Employees, Today in this article I will show you how to perform an Esic Gateway login. I will explain it very briefly, so please read to the end. 

The Esic Gateway login portal is designed to allow employees to take advantage of online payment modes. The Esic Gateway portal is a subpage of the official Esic portal or

E-Challan Payment Module: 

Step 1: Employer visits the web portal ( and clicks the “Pay e-challan” link in the “Quick Links” dialog is needed. box. 

Step 2: ESIC web portal redirects to a new web page known as “E-Challan Payment”. 

ESIC Gateway Login

Step 3: Employers must enter their Employer Code and Captcha in the fields and click  the “Search” button. 

Step 4: The employer has to enter the details from the list and select the Sharan where the transfer will take place. 

ESIC Gateway Login

Step 5: Select Sharan, you will see Employer Code, Employer Address, Sharan Number, Sharan Duration and Amount. Step 6: The employee must click on the Challan Numbers link and then click “Continue” to proceed with the payment. 

Step 7: The web portal redirects the employee to her ESIC electronic payment gateway. Next, you need to decide on a payment method such as debit card, net banking, etc. 

Step 8: The web portal will display the transaction details once the E-Challan payment  is completed. 

 Pay Yee Charan here 

Steps for Employees to Enroll in her ESIC: 

Employers are required to enroll their employees in her ESI, and a simple enrollment procedure  is provided. 

Step 1: The employee must go to the ESIC login portal home page and click on the ‘Insured/Beneficiary’ link. 

ESIC Gateway Login

Step 3: Employee receives a login page for the insured/beneficiary. Employees must enter their username, password and captcha to log in to the Insured Page. 

ESIC Gateway Login

Step 4: Similarly,  ESIC staff should also follow the same steps to log in to the ESIC staff login page. 

Insured/ESIC Employee Login – Click Here 

ESIC gateway registration process: 

Step 1: To log into the ESIC GATEWAY login, the employee should access the link

ESIC Gateway Login

Step 2: On the ESIC Employee Portal, employees can enter login information such as username and password to log into the site. 

Reset ESIC Gateway Password 

If you forget your password or want to change it, you can easily change it. This is a very easy way to change or generate a new password on the ESIC Gateway Portal. All you need is a registered mobile phone number entered into the esic portal. 

Step 1: First, go to the portal. 

Step 2: In the top  right  corner of this page you will see the Esic Gateway login area. 

Step 4: There is also a Forgot Password option,  click on it. 

Step 5: On the next page, enter your credentials, enter a new password, and submit a request to generate this new password. 

Step 6: A new password has been created.

What services does the  Esic Portal provide? 

The Employer ESIC Login Portal offers a variety of services  astronomically split into his two orders of Videlicet Employer Services and Employee Services ESIC Portal Business Login. Employer services listed in this section include the following 

Employer Portfolio: Employer websites allow employers to update personal information in a timely manner, store pay reports, and respond to absence reviews. 

Shram Suvidha Website: This gateway allows clubs to comply with all applicable labor laws. Compliance can be reported by him in one form, making it easier to fill out similar forms. Testing becomes a natural goal, as there are important hints for monitoring performance. 

Employees Services: Services for employees listed in this section include: 

ESIC IP Portal Login: The insured person searches her IP Portal with  her insurance number (similar to username) and acts on her behalf. You can review and rate the details of donations made. 

Medical Benefit Rates: Medical Benefit Rates provide a set of guidelines for obtaining medical benefits for insured persons and their families.

Applicability and ESIC Portal 

According to Section 2(12) of the ESI Act, this Act applies to all non-seasonal manufacturers employing 10 or more of them. You can also search for names via ESIC. Pursuant to Section 1(5) of the Act, the Central Government of India has expanded his GST hunting content to:

  • Shops and hospice cafes.
  • Road  Transport Association.
  • Movie theaters such as theaters and gymnasiums.
  • Review publishers.
  • Entities dealing with insurance business and non-bank financial companies.
  • Port Trust, Airport Authority, or Port Code List.
  • Warehouse business. 

Employing over 20 people, the central government is responsible for finding his GST number. The legal salary limit is Rs 21,000 per month (Rs 25,000 per month for persons with disabilities) as calculated using the GST calculator as of January 1, 2017. 

Key Highlights of Gateway ESIC Login Page

Portal NameESIC Gateway Portal
AuthorityEmployees’ State Insurance Corporation,
Ministry of Labour & Employment,
Government of India.
Scheme nameESIC PORTAL
Launched byPrime Minster Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru Garu
Year of Launching1952
Help official

Benefits of ESIC registration 

Injury and Sickness: Allowance When an insured person needs medical treatment and has to take time off from work due to health reasons, a period of absence of up to 91 days  at 70% of the standard benefit rate will be provided for two consecutive benefit ages. . . 

Medical Benefits: All persons enrolled in the ESIC scheme are entitled to medical care for themselves and their dependents from the date of commencement of covered employment. In addition, there is no upper limit on the treatment of the insured person and his/her family. ESIC membership registration for GST filing. 

Maternity Benefits: All women registered in the ESIC scheme are entitled to benefits in the form of three months’ paid leave. 

Deceased Employee: In the event of death during underemployment, 90% of the insured’s benefits will be paid to the surviving family  of the deceased. 

Funeral Expenses: In the event of the death of a hand, from the first day of taking out the insurance, 10,000 rupees will be paid to the relatives of the person who performed the final rites for her. 

Retirement Benefits: Health care and benefits are provided after retirement or old age. 

Benefits For Permanent Disablement: in the event of a residual disability In the event of a residual disability, 90% of the compensation is paid as an annual amount. 

Unemployment Benefits: In the event of unemployment due to factory/plant inspection, staff reduction or long-term disability, the insured will be awarded severance pay at least three times hers. 

ESIC Gateway Login 2023 Employer State Insurance Portal:

Features of the ESI scheme:

Employers make state employee insurance payments through an online process. Normally, the employer must pay the amount to the licensed bank within 15 days from the last day of the month. If her average daily wage is INR 137.00, the employer adds his own contribution to the employee’s wages and contributions.


Employers must comply with the necessary rules and regulations of ESI. After registering with ESI, each employer must comply with assigned compliance requirements. Employers must keep attendance records and keep up-to-date records of employee wages. ESI has job site inspection procedures that employers are expected to follow without fail. All accidents on the job must be recorded in writing in the register.

Submission from employer to her ESI office:

Employers are required to submit an ESI semi-annually, submit Form 06, and register for the ESI Declaration. Employers are also required to file her ESI every six months. Each employer must file a monthly tax return within the 15th day of the following month.

Personnel/Wage Limits for Claiming Financial Benefits:

A corporate employee can claim benefits if at least 10 of her employees are employed by one of her employers. The employee/beneficiary base wage is capped at 21,000 per month. For disabled workers, the wage limit should be Rs 25,000 per month. 

Employer and Employee Contributions: The ESIC contribution rates are: Employer contributions are 3.25 percent, employee contributions are 0.75 percent, and total contributions are 4 percent. 

Submission of required ESIC registration documents:

  • Employers can register her for ESIC online, but must submit paperwork to the registration center.
  • Employers must provide the following data of the employee: a copy of the Pan-Card and a copy of the bank statement.
  • In addition, licenses are issued in accordance with either laws such as the “Law on Business and Accounting Reports” or the “Act on Factories and Copying Accounting Reports”. You will also need a copy of your proof of address, rental receipt for the occupied property, and the most recent building tax certificate.
  • Employers must provide a company registration certificate and registration number CST/ST/GST. Employers may be required to produce a list of the company’s directors and shareholders.
  • Employers may have corporations, partnerships, or trust deeds. In either case, a copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Incorporation must be attached. The employer must continue to send monthly attendance data to her ESIC to the employee.
  • In addition, employers must provide payslip data for employees registered with ESIC in order to claim health insurance/medical benefits.

Diagram: Gateway ESIC Login Portal Flow

Gateway ESIC Login

Insured Person Employee Login

ESIC web portal offers two different login portals for the employees:

  1. Insured Person Login- For Employees, who want to claim insurance.
  2. Employee login- Employees who are not insured.

Here are the list of login portal available at ESIC official portal

  1. ESIC Employee Login
  2. (IP) Insured Person/ Beneficiary Login
  3. Insured Medical Practitioner (IMP) Login
  4. mEUD Login ESIC Staff/ Pensioner
  5. Login Lawyer Login

Effective Steps to Access ESIC Employee Portal

If you are an employee and would like to log into the ESIC Portal, please follow these easy-to-use steps.

  1. Visit the authoritative website
  2. Arriving at the main page When you access the website, you will see the main page.
  3. Select Employee Login. Locate the Employee Login option in the Employee State Insurance Corporation section.
  4. Access the ESIC Portal Application. After clicking this option, the ESIC Portal application page will immediately appear on your screen.
  5. Enter your credentials. Enter the specified username or LIN with password. 6. Enter Captcha Enter the captcha code to complete the security check.
  6. Start the registration process. Click the Sign In button to complete the process.

Guided Steps for ESIC IP Portal Insured Person/Beneficiary Login

If you are an insured or beneficiary and would like to access the ESIC IP Portal, please follow these clear steps:

  1. Access the ESIC IP Portal. First, go to the ESIC IP portal.
  2. Find the login area. The login area is clearly visible on the start page.
  3. Select the Insured/Beneficiary option. Select the Insured/Beneficiary option.
  4. Specify roles. Please select “Insured Person” or “ESIC Employee” on the application page of the ESIC portal.
  5. Enter your user credentials. Like username and password which are associated with your account.
  6. Complete your registration. Click the Sign In button to complete the process. This will give you access to the Insured/Beneficiary Dashboard.

Effortless Procedure for Insured Medical Practitioner (IMP) Login

To find out more about IMP, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the official ESIC portal. First, go to the official ESIC portal website.
  2. Select the IMP option. On the home page, click the Insurance Medical Professional (IMP) option.
  3. Complete the signup process Complete the signup process using the provided credentials.
  4. Access the IMP Dashboard. Once complete, you will be redirected to your IMP dashboard page.

Seamless mEUD Login Process

Accessing the mEUD section is a simple process with the following steps:

  1. Go to the official ESIC portal website.
  2. Find the mEUD option. Look for the “mEUD” option on the home page and click on it.
  3. Open the mEUD page. A special mEUD page will immediately open on your screen.
  4. Enter User Information Enter your user name and password in the spaces provided.
  5. Click the Login button to complete the process and access the mEUD login dashboard.

Efficiently search for ESIC employee/retiree medical entitlement details

To search for ESIC employee/retiree medical credentials, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official website of ESIC.
  2. Select the appropriate option. From the home page, select the ESIC Employee/Pensioner option.
  3. Enter your details. Enter the employee/retiree number and required verification information.
  4. Start searching. Click the Search button. All relevant information will be displayed on the screen.

Simplified Lawyer Login Process

Simplification of attorney registration procedures For attorneys wishing to access the ESIC Portal, the following steps may be helpful.

  1. Visit the official ESIC gateway. Go to the official website of ESIC Gateway.
  2. Click Attorney Login. Find and click on the Attorney Login option on the website.
  3. Access the ESIC Advocate page. A dedicated ESIC Advocate page will open immediately.
  4. Enter your credentials. Enter your account email ID and password.
  5. Click the Login button to complete the process and access your ESIC Advocate dashboard.


ESIC Gateway Login is a convenient platform that offers a variety of services to ESIC members. This allows members to easily access these services anytime, anywhere. This article explained what  ESIC Gateway Login is and how to log into it. We hope this guide  helped you understand the signup process and use the platform efficiently.

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